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Below is a checklist of recommended inspections. Before installation any person working on the pump should carefully read the Operations & Maintenance Manual available via our downloads section.


During daily inspection checks;


That the pump does not vibrate or emit jarring sounds.


That there is no cavitation inside the pump casing.


That any circulation pipes – cooling, heating or pressurized pipes are in working order.


That power output and power consumption are correct.


That flow and operational pressure is correct.


That the max allowed temperature is observed.



During monthly inspection, check:

That any filters and drainage holes are clean.


That mechanical shaft seals are not leaking.


Whether the connecting elements are worn.




During inspection every 6 months, check;

That the bearings do not have too much play


That the relief valve, if any, functions correctly and opens at the right pressure.


That the screw gland is intact.




In connection with service work, check;

All parts for wear and tear.


That all parts are located correctly in connection with assembly.