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Before installation any person working on the pump should carefully read the Operations & Maintenance Manual available via our downloads section.

The user is responsible for compliance with all applicable safety requirements. Please refer to and comply with prevailing local national laws and regulations.

The end user is responsible for ensuring that everyone who works with the pump has the necessary qualifications and training.

In the event that this user manual or other regulation recommends the use of personal protective equipment, such regulations must be observed.

Any modifications to the pump other than those specifically authorized by Midland Pump Manufacturing Company Ltd will invalidate all warranties.

The manufacturer assumes no liability for any personal injury or damage to the pump or other material damage resulting from:

  • Any amendments to the pump not approved by the manufacturer.
  • A failure to observe the safety regulations or other instructions in this user manual.
  • The use of non-original spare parts that do not satisfy precisely the same, strict quality requirements as original the manufacturer spare parts.
  • Any fault, blockage or breakdown in the pipework.

These installation notes have been prepared to help you prevent problems, as well as deal with them.

Installation Notes

The pump should be installed first and the pipework built away from the pump. This should then avoid strain being imposed upon the pump by poorly aligned pipework. Such strain may result in rapid seal leakage, bearing failure or broken pipe ports.

On pumps which have threaded ports, care should be taken to ensure that the pipe does not bottom into the port. or the threads will be damaged and the port broken. Support the pipe to prevent strain due to its weight being imposed upon the pump.

Determining the suction port:

Provided that the build of the pump has not been altered after dispatch from our factory, the correct direction of rotation is indicated by an arrow attached to the pump. The suction port position is also indicated by an arrow.

Ensure that on pipework there is no possibility of any leakage which would result in air being drawn into the pump.

Filter: A full-flow filter should be fitted on the Suction side of the pump. If this is not provided, check to see whether or not one is to be fitted. In cases where the fluid to be pumped is free from foreign matter, no filter need be fitted but it is desirable to, at least insert a piece of fine gauze between flanges in the pipework so that weld slag, thread cuttings, sand etc will be trapped by the gauze and prevented from entering the pump. This gauze should be removed once the pipework system is perfectly clean.


The end user is responsible for protecting the pipework against faults, blockages and explosions.