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Gear Pump LFP

/media/products/library/lfp.jpgCompact, modular, fixed clearance external gear pump, ideally suited for the lower range of flow requirements. Designed to be readily connected to IEC metric electric motors via bespoke bell housings.


Capacity range up to 5 l/min.
Speed up to 1 800 rpm.
Pressure up to 30 bar pressure differential.
Suction lift up to 9 m.
Viscosity range up to 5 000 cSt.
Seals rotary shaft lip seal, mechanical seal, packed gland.
Bearings needle roller, PTFE bush, bronze, plain cast iron.
Housings cast iron, stainless steel.
Gears and shafts carbon steel, stainless steel, engineering plastics.

Common applications

Gear oil Vegetable oil Solvents Fuel oil Kerosene
Glycol Lubricating oil Grease Soluble oil Hydrocarbons
Solvents Resin Machine tool coolant   Hydraulic oil
Crude Oil Diesel fuel Paraffin Jet fuel  


Displacement figures, Drawing of pump head, Drawing of pump + motors, Slippage Pump curve, pressure vs flow