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All Midland gear pumps are of the external  fixed clearance gear type, lubricated by the pumped fluid. The gear pump designs have been proven and steadily refined over many years. A quality-built pump to deliver high reliability and low maintenance. The gear pumps are robust, compact, versatile and simple to install.

With 30 basic gear pump sizes, in four groups, and an extensive range of optional features, Midland Pump offers literally hundreds of gear pump specification permutations. Where batch sizes are economic, Midland Pump can often extend the choice even further, for example with special casing and seal materials.

Specific discharges range from 0.07mL per revolution with the smallest FL Group to 285mL/rev (or c.285 litres/min at 1000 rpm) from the largest Group 3 pump.

One of the secrets of Midland's ability to supply 'customised' gear pumps quickly is the use of modular construction techniques. By holding strategic stocks of key components, the company is able to provide the customer's exact specification of gear pump (plus prime mover and other equipment if needed) in the shortest possible lead time